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Nếu như Bugatti là một cái tên làm cho người Pháp luôn tự hào mỗi khi nhắc đến những chiếc siêu xe nhanh và đắt nhất hành tinh, thì ở thế giới âm thanh, Triangle Audio cũng hoàn toàn xứng đáng đại diện cho những tinh hoa công nghệ lẫn mỹ thuật trong ngành chế tác loa hi-end.
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Designed for compact speakers, TRIANGLE S04 speaker stands ensure stability and acoustic performance. When the listener is seated, the Triangle stands will place the speakers at ear level for optimal listening.

Equipped with spikes, the S04 stands dissipate the vibrations of the speaker generated by the vibration of the driver. The bass is clearer and the treble more precise. The S04 stand can be ballasted to further reduce the vibrations of the speaker.

The minimalist aesthetic of this speaker stand features a design link to the high-end series with a solid base in coloured glass matching the finishing of the stand (black or white).

Built for dedicated listeners: Decoupling spikes are provided with their lock nuts, the tube has cable management for hiding the cables inside and it can be filled with sand to increase stability and significantly reduce vibration transmitted to the speaker.




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