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Thành lập từ năm 1973 Castle Acoustics là hiệu loa đáng tin cậy với năng lực thiết kế và chế tạo tại cùng một nhà máy. Lấy tên và biểu tượng là tòa lâu đài thế kỷ 11 Skipton tại Yorshire Anh Quốc – Castle là nhà sản xuất loa hiếm hoi không chỉ chế tạo củ loa hoàn thiện mà còn sở hữu thiết kế thùng đẹp đẽ được làm hoàn toàn thủ công. Trung thành với triết lý thiết kế và chế tạo đã có từ ban đầu, Castle luôn duy trì nguyên tắc này như một căn bản trong định hướng phát triển của công ty.
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Introducing the 40th Anniversary Edition of the legendary Richmond model from Castle. Finished in a luxurious Mahogany wood, the Richmond IV oozes class. A compact Standmount or Bookshelf speaker that presents music in a natural, wide and immersive soundstage. With revisions to the cabinet and voicing, the MK4 is the latest and greatest in a classic line from Castle Speakers. 



  • Frequency Response: 60Hz - 20kHz
  • Recommended amplifier power: 15-80W
  • Crossover frequency: 3.6kHz
  • Dimensions: 280 x 165 x 235mm
  • Net Weight: 5.1kg each
  • Enclosure type: Bass reflex, rear firing port
  • Format: Stand mounting
  • Tweeter: 19mm Soft Dome
  • Woofer: 130mm Woven Kevlar
  • Sensitivity: 88dB


Ever Since Castle was founded over 40 years ago, the Richmond has been an industry benchmark for sound and build quality.

The Castle Richmond is somewhat of a cult item among hi-fi enthusiasts - known for its exceptionally natural reproduction of musical instruments and voices in a compact studio monitor format. Castle proudly re-introduces this legendary model in a collector's anniversary edition with refinements to the cabinet design, voicing and finished in a luxurious lacewood veneer.

Engineered To Perfection

For this anniversary issue our engineers have investigated every aspect of the Richmond performance to extract the ultimate sound quality from this diminutive monitor-class speaker, all with the attention to detail and all consuming love of music that made the original such a hit.

To start, the behaviour of the cabinet was investigated using the latest vibration and spectral analysis. Richmond’s original 15mm MDF cabinet was later dampened by the addition of bitumen damping pads to reduce the audible effects of panel resonance. Additionally, multi-layer composite panel materials combined with loose fibre weaves further reduce resonance and absorb internal sound waves. Within the cabinet use of judicious bracing ensures that the dynamic capabilities of the drive units are fully realised.

Tried and tested driver technology

Castle’s famous carbon fibre woven cone is retained as it offers exceptional strength to mass ratio, operating as a pure piston over its pass band. The motor system usilises a kapton former with a copper clad aluminium voice coil to achieve a wide bandwidth in to the treble region.

Treble frequencies are handled by a polyamide micro-fibre 19mm dome, its small diameter enabling piston-like performance and extended HF to well beyond the limits of audibility.

Ultra-Transparent Audiophile Grade Components

Crossover components have been chosen for their transparency and include silicon-ireon laminated core bass inductors, generously oversized air core inductors and Castle’s proprietary polypropylene low-loss capacitors.

Placing the treble unit below the bass unit provides a degree of time alignment between the units allowing the phase accurate crossover, with linkwitz-riley acoustic slopes, to move the stereo soundstage well outside the plane of the loudspeakers. In addition the treble units are offset to scatter front baffle reflections, enhanced by the new, profiled edges of the cabinet.

Richmond Anniversary speakers are supplied in handed pairs to give a precisely focused soundstage. Input to the crossover and drive units are now via updated bi-wire terminals which accept bare wires, spade lugs, pins or 4mm plugs allowing for your preference of cable.

The Beautiful Veneers used for all Castle loudspeakers are specially chosen by trained craftsmen

Each leaf of veneer is selected by eye to suit the size of the cabinet and each pair of cabinets is manufactured in mirror-matched pairs. Castle selects the finest crown cut quality veneers making sure you find the Castle Richmond Anniersary a feast for both your eyes and your ears.

For the collector's edition we have selected a precious Lacewood veneer. It's attractive and figurative grain makes it a popular veneer for acoustic guitar's, furniture and cabinet making - a perfect match for it's musical richness.

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